31 May 2010

Waver, a short film

Film length: 5 minutes
Made in: August 2009
Music by Bach
Choreographed and performed by Yi-An Chen
A short film I made before the knitwear collection took shape. The title Waver comes from the word ‘wave’, meaning ‘shake with a quivering motion’. I hope to express this unstable feeling through the film and to see how human body can react to its surroundings through movements.

片長: 5分鐘
攝於: 2009年8月
音樂: 巴哈
編舞/表演: 陳怡安

18 May 2010

Book Moda - Prêt a Porter

Book Moda - Prêt a Porter May 2010

Shao Yen Chen's Waver collection is featured on the cover and inside May's Book Moda - Prêt a Porter. With texts in Italian and English, the magazine offers international insight of top fashion runways.

陳劭彥的白浪裝出現在義大利時裝雜誌Book Moda的封面與內頁。這本英義雙語雜誌專門介紹國際伸展台上每一季的流行趨勢。

13 May 2010


Cheers May 2010

Shao Yen Chen's fashion dream of establishing his own own label is featured in May's Cheers Magazine.


11 May 2010

桂綸鎂/Kwai Lun-Mei in Shao Yen

Pictures by Deng Po-Jen at China Times / 攝影: 中國時報 鄧博仁

8 May 2010

Taiwan Today

Taiwan’s Government Information Office published Shao Yen Chen’s story in their daily English-language e-newspaper, Taiwan Today.