19 Jun 2010

Blonde Venus

Marlene Dietrich's 1932 film Blonde Venus is one of the inspirations for Shao Yen Chen's Waver collection.


18 Jun 2010

Art Collection + Design

Art Collection+Design June 2010 

Art Collection + Design Magazine features an article on Shao Yen Chen's use of unconventional materials in his fashion design works. For example, the combination of lycra, cashmere, synthetic yarns, nylon fibers, and fine plastic tubes creates multiple layers and textures for his Waver collection. Wool rovens, cooper flowers and other metalworks can also be found in his previous works.


7 Jun 2010

La Vie Editorials + Interview

 La Vie June 2010

Shao Yen Chen is the guest editor for La Vie Design Magazine's "Fashion Tide" feature. Three of his own designs are included in the editorials, along with items from other designers. The choice of outfits emphasizes on the structure and texture of the garments, aiming to respond to the anatomical theme from his 2008 Body as Clothes collection. All images were shot on location in a medical college.

六月份的La Vie設計雜誌邀請陳劭彥擔綱"時尚意識"單元的客座編輯。本次報導收錄了三件劭彥自己設計的作品,以及其他設計師的品牌。服裝的挑選重點在於其結構與布料紋理,希望能呼應他2008年Body as Clothes系列中以人體解剖為主要靈感的拍攝主題。這是一次很愉快又特別的拍攝經驗,感謝所有的工作人員與宜蘭聖母護專提供場地。